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These are the terms of service of the website and they lay down the conditions under which you are allowed to use our website.

Purposes of this site

This is a hobby website and is meant for entertainment purposes only. None of the information in this website can be guaranteed to be accurate or relevant for any purpose. You agree therefore not to use any of this information in making any decisions or rely upon its accuracy or completeness in any way.

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In order to help defray our expenses we may provide links to other websites that we believe you may be interested in. If you buy a product or service from one of these links we may receive a commission. Our receipt of such commissions will not affect the price you pay for these products or services.

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You undertake not to:

Intellectual property rights

The contents of this website comprise of copyrighted materials which are in the ownership of Graham Palmer of Burton Road, Carlton, Nottingham NG4 3BG.

Alterations to these terms of service

We reserve the right to alter these terms of service at any time of our own choosing. These new terms of service will come into operation immediately that they are published.

The law and this website

This website was created in the United Kingdom by a citizen of the United Kingdom and so the laws of the United Kingdom are the only ones which are relevant. In any case where there is a difference between UK law and the law of the country in which any visitor resides, UK law will be paramount.

This website is owned and managed by Graham Palmer of Burton Road, Carlton, Nottingham NG4 3BG and has been created strictly for entertainment purposes only.

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