The Best Cars For Women!  

No. 2: Volkswagen polo

Volkswagen Polo Image

This is the car for young women who have recently obtained their licences. It is incredibly easy to drive, is affordable and carries a full entertainment system. The Polo is not a flashy car but it looks good allowing the drivers to build confidence in themselves and their driving abilities. This same simplicity makes it a strong choice for older women who do not want to deal with all the unnecessary technology that most modern cars are bundled with. The emphasis on simplicity makes it ideal for those who want to maintain their independence in their later years.

The Polo is a small car but despite that it feels very roomy inside. It's comfortable too, with good headroom. Owners consider it to be a relaxing car to drive in; reasonably quiet on the motorways and with a smooth ride over everything but the inevitable potholes.

It's a safe car to drive in, too; Euro NCAP awarded it a five stars crash rating and it comes equipped as standard with an automatic emergency braking system that engages the brakes if you're about to bump into an obstacle. It isn't cheap to buy but then it is a quality product. It's economical on fuel, easy to maintain and holds it's price well.

All models are front wheel drive and there is a large range of them to choose from including diesel or petrol engines, with a choice between five-speed manual gearboxes and six or seven speed automatics. All the latest models have five doors, which means easy access for passengers and luggage.

Expect to pay between about £15,000 for an entry level model, up to about £23,000 for the top of the range GTI.

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